Sara Ahmed has a blog entry in November 2014 under the title White Men. I come across these lines. They resonate so well. Thinking about how I became ‘dislodged’ being born into a idealogical society. 36 and I feel equally dislodged living in Sweden. This is the question of gender, skin, name, roles, and… Continue reading Lodges

Ryszard Kapuscinski

A dance scene described in the early pages of Kapuscinski’s An Advertisement For Toothepaste: […] The girls tell me, the boys started pushing and shoving each other. they didn’t know what that violent, predatory pushing and shoving was about. The girls think that if there’s a fight at a dance, its purpose is not immediate, but… Continue reading Ryszard Kapuscinski

Artwork as an action II

Deleuze asserts that the artwork is not there to communicate a message, that it contains no information whatsoever. This can be understood against the background of a movement within continental philosophy, away from the strong emphasis within philosophy at large, on discursive or propositional thought (thought as in shape of sentences/proposition). Merleau-Ponty argued, (Phenomenology of Perception… Continue reading Artwork as an action II